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How to order the individual wheels
The SKILL Wheels Company specialized in the manufacture of the forged wheels to the individual sketch according to customers' wishes and car features.
  • 1
    You choose the model of the wheels from the catalog, or you can message us for ordering a unique design.
    Catalog of the wheels
    New designs
  • 2
    After the clarification and reconciliation of all the details, an order is issued for the production of forged wheels
    Production of any model in 30 days
  • 3
    After 4-6 weeks you receive the new unique and exclusive forged wheels
    Delivery condition
    Worldwide delivery

SKILL FORGED WHEELS exclusive wheels for your auto

There are many nuances in ordering forged wheels, but we are well versed in this and will do everything to ensure that you are completely satisfied with the result.

Production of the wheels
under any parameters

Each set of forged wheels of SKILL Wheels is made exclusively of high-quality aviation aluminum of the 6061-T06 brand, which ensures maximum strength and product quality.

The SKILL Wheels factory has its own full-cycle production facility. It includes more than twenty numerical control machines, paint chambers, and verification of compliance with TUV certification. All this allows us to organize quality control at every stage and quickly respond to changes in customer needs.

Learn more about production
Wheels coloring
In any color and texture

Our team uses liquid and polymer coatings to achieve a special, and often unique, the appearance of forged wheels. We are always in the process of inventing and researching new colors or their combinations and the combinations to offer our customers something really unique.

More about painting