About us

The brand of SKILL forged wheels embodies a reliable international partnership between Russia, the United States, and China, which was formed on the basis of close commercial relations, and subsequently strengthened by joint aspirations. The team working on the brand has more than 10 years of experience in the production and sale of forged wheels. By combining our efforts, we have found an opportunity to make our customers ' cars exclusive.

Countless cars come off the assembly lines every year, you can become the owner of any that you like, but it will still remain one of the cars in the standard configuration. It is no secret that the wheels can significantly change the appearance of the car, so we consider it our mission to enable the customer to be the owner of a unique car.


We offer a premium quality product and do it for the consumer who is able to appreciate the service, functionality, and quality of the product, and not for those who are chasing the ephemeral status of any brand.

The basic rules of our work are fundamental honesty and responsibility for all stages of the transaction. We openly declare that all our production facilities are located in China, and if you have any preconceptions about this, then we hope that we will not waste each other's time.

We are engaged in the production of only forged wheels made of aluminum of the 6061-T06 brand, in our assortment, there are monoblock and two-part designs.

Our primary task is to anticipate the customer's wishes and to expose them in the ideal form of a quality product.

We love what we do, and we always try to combine the facets of artistic thought and production capabilities.

The designers of our company are able to turn the wishes of the customer into a work of art, and technology makes it possible to make the idea tangible and embody it from metal.