The warranties

SKILL Wheels company is fully responsible for the quality of the alloy, the paint technology, and the compatibility of the wheels with your car.

We guarantee that with proper operation, the wheel will not change its consumer properties and technical characteristics: the appearance will not change, there will be no defects in the form of cracks, splits, metal splinters, there will be no partial or complete destruction of the wheel.

The warranty for Skill Wheels forged wheels is:

- 24 months from the date of sale - for paint and varnish coating;
- 24 months from the date of sale - for components included in the standard wheel configuration (nipples, center caps, logos);
- Without a term (for life) - for metal and wheel construction.

In the absence of documents confirming the fact of sale, the warranty period is calculated from the date of release of the wheel (the month and year of manufacture are indicated on the inner side of the rim).

The warranty cases include the following defects that occurred during operation:

  • peeling of paintwork, blisters, cracks;
  • corrosion
  • color changing
  • detaching the logo from the center cap;
  • the violation of the geometry of the central insert, as a result of which their installation is impossible;
  • rim leakage;
  • crackes
  • metal splinters
  • part or full destruction of the wheel.

The rules applying for the warranty service.

Mandatory confirmation of the warranty case is a photo or video recording of the factory defect or damage to the wheel.


If wheels badly balance, take a video with a wheel without a tire on the balancing stand.

If the wheels are damaged in the transport company, make a corresponding report/claim in the transport company, take photos of the damage.

We send all sets of wheels only in a crate, carefully check each wheel before sending, and monitor the quality of the packaging.

Photo and video confirmation with the order number and the model of the wheels send us to e-mail So we will quickly process the application and give a response as soon as possible.

The warranty cases do not apply for:

  • any mechanical damage, including those resulting from hitting an obstacle or in the event of an emergency;
  • damage to the paintwork as a result of mechanical impact; 
  • damage caused by wheel modifications;
  • damage caused by the use of inappropriate mounting parts;
  • exposure to aggressive chemical elements (acid, alkali, etc.);
  • exposure to aggressive chemical elements (acid, alkali, etc.);
  • damage to the paintwork in case of improper storage;
  • damage to the wheels' or its coating during the process of boarding or fitting on the car;
  • damage of paint and varnish coating because of the impact of the winter's anti-ice reagents for the wheels.

We can always bring to order exactly the same wheels as there were purchased from us earlier, in any desired quantity.

Each forged wheel produced by SKILL Wheels company is a guarantee of quality and safety.