Forged disks with carbon rims

The hybrid construction, made of forged Aluminum 6061-T6 and Dry Carbon Rim, represents the quality of our products

This technology allows you to reduce the weight of the wheel by 25% compared to counterparts made entirely of forged aluminum and by 40% compared to cast rims.

The lightest design in our range
The final carbon finish is available in gloss and matte
Key advantages
Maximum weight saving
40% lighter than alloy wheels
Two-part configuration
High quality forged aluminum 6061-T6
Ultra-light carbon fibre rim
It is possible to manufacture with a maximum concave profile
Custom production to match the vehicle exactly
Improved steering, acceleration and braking
Connecting the structure with titanium fasteners
Many options for finishing the center section
The design allows you to replace parts when needed
Wide parameter range

The widest possible range of parameters and the ability to produce discs with negative offset for installation on vehicles with body extensions without spacers. Unlimited designs and variants of final finishing of disk centers. Possibility to achieve maximum concavity of disks or maximum width of the outer flange.

It is important to remember that the disks are manufactured individually for full compliance with the particular car, taking into account all its features and characteristics, and of course the customer's wishes. Available both for sports cars and heavy SUVs.

Available options
J8 / J9
J8.5 / J9.5 / J10.5
J9.5 / J10.5
Alloy disks
Disk weight *
Weight saving
Forged disks
Disk weight *
Weight saving
With carbon rim
Disk weight*
Weight saving
Titanium bolts
We assemble two-piece rims with carbon disks with titanium bolts as a matter of course. Titanium bolts are also available for other SKILL forged disks.

Available in titanium and black colors

Replacing steel bolts with titanium bolts reduces the weight per wheel to 1 kg.

At the same time, titanium bolts look great and are highly resistant to corrosion, which means no chipping, peeling, rusting or fading.

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40 250 USD.
Cost of one disk
161 000 USD
Cost of the complect (4 disks)
The price is preliminary according to the calculations and is not a public offer. For an accurate calculation, make a request to our manager.
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