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Available diameter
18’ 19’ 20’ 21’ 22’ 24’ 26’
FROM 6 TO 12 J
Available colors
More than 50 ready-made wheel color options
Whole color catalog
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40 250 USD.
Cost of one wheel
161 000 USD
Cost of the set (4 wheels)
The price is preliminary according to the calculations and is not a public offer. For an accurate calculation, make a request to our manager.
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Available options when ordering wheels
For demanding customers we offer individual services to make your wheels even more unique. The cost of the options is calculated individually on request.
Mirror finish
It will give the wheels a unique look, and also can be used for individual wheel elements, it's an excellent analogue to chrome plating
Off-hand grinding followed by a tinting lacquer coating
personal engravings
Applying the necessary engravings on wheels, except for registered trademarks
Complex painting
Exclusive colors, painting of wheels in two or more colors. Glossy, matte, satin and textured paint options available. Color and texture options can be combined
Exclusive center caps
Development of complex center caps, screw caps, closing mounting holes, self-centering
Carbon rim for two-part wheels
Development of complex center caps, twisted caps, closable lug holes , self-centering
For further details
The beadlock is bolted firmly to the outer edge of the wheel and clamps the edge of the tire, preventing it from disassembling during low-pressure driving
Warranties for wheels

SKILL Wheels takes full responsibility for the quality of the alloy, the painting technology and the compatibility of the wheels with your car.

We guarantee that when used properly, the wheel will not change its properties and technical characteristics: the appearance will not change, defects in the form of cracks, splits, metal chipping will not appear, partial or complete destruction of the wheel will not occur.

Warranty period
24 months from the date of sale

for component parts included in the standard wheel package (nipples, center plugs, logos);

for the paint coating;

No time limit (for life)

For the metal, as well as for the wheel design

5 years from date of sale

on the design of the carbon parts of the wheel

How to order wheels for any parameters
The SKILL Wheels Company specialized in the manufacture of the forged wheels to the individual sketch according to customers' wishes and car features.
  • 1
    You choose the model of the wheels from the catalog, or you can message us for ordering a unique design.
    Catalog of the wheels
    New designs
  • 2
    After the clarification and reconciliation of all the details, an order is issued for the production of forged wheels
    Production of any model in 30 days
  • 3
    After 4-6 weeks you receive the new unique and exclusive forged wheels
    Delivery condition
    Worldwide delivery
Wheels production
By any parametrs
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Wheels painting
In any color and texture
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